Research Projects

Research interests

  • computational methods (spatial and statistical visualization, GIS, image processing, ML);  
  • ancient economics, inequality and technology (especially textiles and metallurgy);
  • Mediterranean and Near Eastern intensive and drone/remote survey techniques;  
  • reproducible archaeologies, Open Data and data management;   
  • the archaeology of Afro-Eurasia in the 5th to 2nd millennia BC (Mediterranean, south-west Asia and central Asia).

Current affiliation(s)

Senior Research Associate, McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research, University of Cambridge.

Honorary Research Fellow, Institut Català d’Arqueologia Clàssica (ICAC), Tarragona.

Previous affiliation(s)

2020-2022. MSCA Postdoctoral Researcher, Institut Català d’Arqueologia Clàssica (ICAC), Tarragona, Spain.
2016-2020. McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research, University of Cambridge.
2016-2020. Junior Research Fellow, Churchill College, Cambridge, UK.

Current and Past Research Projects

Fieldwork project involvement

Project Panormos, 2012-ongoing – excavation, intensive survey and remote-sensing (w/ Anja Slawich, Néhémie Strupler):

Archaeology and Heritage of Akamas (AHA), 2023-ongoing – mapping of archaeology and heritage in the Akamas region of western Cyprus (w/ Efthymia Alphas, Aspasia Georgiades, Lindy Crewe, Cyprian Broodbank)

Oued Beht Archaeological Project (OBAP), 2021-ongoing – investigation into the unique Final Neolithic site of Oued Beht, in north-west Morocco (w/ Youssef Bokbot, Giulio Lucarini and Cyprian Broodbank)

Klazomenai-Karantina, 2020-ongoing – digital atlas of the Geometric to Byzantine remains on the island of Karantina, Klazomenai (w/ Elif Koparal, Yaşar Ersoy and Anja Slawisch).

Landscapes of Southern Sardinia (LASS), 2023-ongoing – gridded site and drone survey in southern Sardinia (directed by Elizabeth Murphy, Thomas Leppard)

Kythera Island Project (KIP), 2019-ongoing – spatio-temporal analysis of multi-year intensive survey project (led by C. Broodbank and E. Kiriatzi), and Kythera Palaiokastro (KPK) (directed by C. Broodbank, E. Kiriatzi, A. Bevan and I. Petrocheilos).

Isparta Archaeological Survey, 2012 – multi-period survey project in south-western Turkey (directed by Bilge Hürmüzlü)

Cide Archaeological Project, 2009–2011/2013 – multi-period intensive survey (directed by Bleda Düring, Claudia Glatz, Emre Şerifoğlu) [The project website has now, sadly, disappeared into the ether, but the project’s digitial data is available on DANS: ]

Digital archaeology and anthropology projects, 2018-ongoing – online journal and database devoted to archaeological survey, particular in the Mediterranean (w/ Anja Slawisch)

MedAfriCarbon, 2019-2020 – interactive web app and database of radiocarbon dates relating to Mediterranean Africa for the MedAfrica project (w/ Cyprian Broodbank, Giulio Lucarini). ; see Shiny web app:-

Miletos-Didyma Sacred Way, 2017 – re-evaluation the route of the Sacred Way from Miletos to Didyma (w/ Anja Slawisch):

British Institute at Ankara (BIAA) Pottery Collections Database, 2006–2007 – web-resource. [The original pottery collections interface has now been replaced by a new and updated interface based on the original database: ).

ArchAtlas, 2004–2022  – online archaeological atlas and journal, (w/ Sue Sherratt and Andrew Sherratt):

The Tibet Album – online resource of photographs from Tibet 1920s-1950s; 2004–2005:

Umbrella research projects

YARNSCAPES, 2020-2022 – an investigation into the evidence for the effects of ancient textile industries on landscape.

Micro-revolutions, 2016–2019 – investigation into economy and technology in the formation of 5th and 4th millennium Eurasian societies.

Tying the threads of Eurasia, 2008–2014 – doctoral research into trade routes and material flows in eastern Anatolia, Transcaucasia, western Central Asia and beyond. [see publications].

Membership of research groups

Landscape Archaeology Research Group (GIAP), ICAC, 2020-ongoing – research group devoted to the study of ancient landscapes through multiple methods including field survey, computation, drone and remote sensing, plant and animal remains, palaeoenvironmental reconstruction

Palaeoeconomics (CPE), 2018-ongoing – research group focussed on critical evaluation of long-term economic relationships in global comparative perspective (w/ Adam Green, Nancy Highcock, Thomas Leppard, Darryl Wilkinson). Grand Narratives workshop (2019):

Computational and Digital Archaeology Lab (CDAL), Cambridge, 2016-ongoing – research lab devoted to computational and quantitative applications to archaeological problems: