Research Projects

Current research interest:-

Spatial visualization (maps, GIS and remote-sensing); intensive and aerial/remote survey techniques; macro-scale socio-economic change; political metrology; visuality and photography; socio-technological change and cross-craft interaction; ancient technology (including textiles and metallurgy); the archaeology of Eurasia in the 5th to 2nd millennia BC, especially of Anatolia, Transcaucasia, Iran and Central Asia and adjacent regions.

Current affiliation(s):-

MSCA Postdoctoral Researcher, Institut Català d’Arqueologia Clàssica (ICAC), Tarragona, Spain. 2020-

Previous affiliation(s):-

McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research, University of Cambridge. 2016-2020.
Churchill College, Cambridge, UK. 2016-2020.

Current and past projects or research groups I have been involved with:-

Project Panormos, 2012-ongoing – excavation, intensive survey and remote-sensing (w/ Anja Slawich, Néhémie Strupler):

YARNSCAPES, 2020-2022 – an investigation into the evidence for the effects of ancient textile industries on landscape (w/ Hector Orengo).

Critical Palaeoeconomics, 2018-ongoing – research group focussed on critical evaluation of long-term economic relationships in global comparative perspective (w/ Adam Green, Nancy Highcock, Thomas Leppard, Darryl Wilkinson). Grand Narratives workshop (2019):

MedAfriCarbon, 2019-2020 – interactive database of radiocarbon dates relating to Mediterranean Africa for the MedAfrica project (w/ Cyprian Broodbank, Giulio Lucarini). ; see Shiny web app:-

Kythera Island Project, 2019-ongoing – spatio-temporal analysis of multi-year intensive survey project (led by C. Broodbank and E. Kiriatzi), and Kythera Palaiokastro (led by C. Broodbank, E. Kiriatzi, A. Bevan and I. Petrocheilos).

Cambridge Computational and Digital Archaeology Lab (CDAL), 2016-ongoing – research group devoted to computational applications to archaeological problems:

Micro-revolutions, 2016–2019 – economy and technology in the formation of 5th and 4th millennium Eurasia.

Miletos-Didyma Sacred Way, 2017 – re-evaluation the route of the Sacred Way from Miletos to Didyma (w/ Anja Slawisch):

Tying the threads of Eurasia, 2008–2014 – doctoral research into trade routes and material flows in eastern Anatolia, Transcaucasia, western Central Asia and beyond. [see publications].

ArchAtlas, 2004–ongoing  – online archaeological atlas and journal, (w/ Sue Sherratt and Andrew Sherratt) :

Isparta Archaeological Survey, 2012 – multi-period survey project in south-western Turkey (w/ Bilge Hürmüzlü):

Cide Archaeological Project, 2009–2011/2013 – multi-period intensive survey: [The project website has now disappeared into the ether, but the projects data is available on DANS: ]

British Institute at Ankara (BIAA) Pottery Collections Database, 2006–2007 – web-resource. [The original pottery collections interface has now been replaced by a new version based on the same database: ).

The Tibet Album – online resource of photographs from Tibet 1920s-1950s; 2004–2005: